“Perhaps I’m a habitual Catholic,” said Sonny Lubick, 71, the winningest football coach in Colorado State University history. “My religion was engrained in me by my parents and my grandmother.”

PROUD TO BE CATHOLIC - Sonny Lubick 71, retired last season as head football coach at Colorado State University. In his 15 years at the helm, he led the team to nine postseason bowl games and a 108-74 win-loss record. He was 129-93 during his full collegiate coaching career. (Courtesy)

Sonny grew up in a small suburb of Butte, Mont., which supported nine Catholic elementary schools and 12 Catholic churches. Even so, with his father a copper mine laborer and his mother a waitress, a Catholic education seemed impossible. His mother talked an elementary school into accepting Sonny at $2.50 a month rather than the normal $5 monthly tuition.

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