By Amy Reinholds
The Lyons Board of Trustees approved a memorandum of agreement Monday with Summit Housing Group, the next step toward affordable rental homes proposed for Lyons Valley Park, Filing 8, Tract A.

At the April 2 meeting, the trustees approved assigning the purchase and sale agreement with Keith Bell to Summit Housing Group, the developer for affordable rental homes that won a request for proposals process last month.

According to the resolution that the trustees approved 7-0, the Town of Lyons will execute the assignment of the purchase and sale agreement within ten business days. Then


Commentary: What's the Future for Affordable Housing In Lyons?

By Amy Reinholds
The appraiser who is working with the Town of Lyons for a possible site that could be sold to the Town of Lyons was delayed in finding "comps" for the parcel, Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen reported to the Board of Trustees on Monday.
Simonsen reported at the March 19 meeting that the appraiser evaluating the 2.13 acres at 19617 North St. Vrain Drive said it was more complicated and



By Amy Reinholds
After hearing presentations from two groups brought forward by a selection committee at a special meeting on Monday, March 12, the Lyons Board of Trustees awarded a bid for an affordable housing development in Lyons Valley Park, Filing 8,



COMMENTARY: What's the future for affordable housing in Lyons?

By Amy Reinholds

The Lyons Board of Trustees expressed interest this week in a proposal for the eastern corridor to integrate food production in vertical greenhouses with 45 affordable rentals, an “ugly produce” grocery, a farm-to-table restaurant, hostel lodging, and a commercial kitchen.

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