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Recently, Cathy Rivers wrote on social media about noise from an aerobatic airplane overflying the area. I would like to introduce my husband, Bob Freeman, to all concerned and clarify a few things.

Bob is a highly skilled elite competition aerobatic and air show pilot. Ranked #1 in the Western States; he has flown twice in World competition and is, again, to represent the U.S. on the Unlimited Team in South Africa this fall. He has been flying forty-five years, and is self-funded making money from air shows to support representing the U.S. in the World. As in all elite sports, this requires practice.

Airspace is not a wide open sky as it appears.There is a designated “practice box” in a one mile radius centered over Dowe Flats, established through the FAA so pilots may fly with minimal interference from air traffic into the box and maximal safety for those on the ground. Aerobatics is tremendously hard physically, and practice endures only fifteen to twenty minutes, maybe, twice a day. That said, Bob is not the only pilot using the box, but likely the one you heard.

Bob does not intend to annoy anyone, but the sound of flight is the sound of freedom. I would not tell a biker where they can ride, or a cyclist to get off the road, or a dog-owner to leave their dog at home when hiking. And, if you would like to experience the thrill of flight without limits with one of the world's top pilots, Bob donated a ride for auction at the Lyons Community Foundation Gala last November, and will again this year. Come bid on a ride for a great cause!

Pam Freeman

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