Dear Residents,
Lyons Prepared is a volunteer citizen partnership with the
Lyons Fire Protection District in the Lyons area.

Our mission is to work with residents and visitors within the
Lyons Fire Protection District to:

  • Support neighborhood emergency preparedness.
  • Strengthen our ability to communicate well during an emergency.
  • Enhance relationships between our fire district and surrounding communities and Boulder and Larimer
    County emergency planners.

Our goal is to have a steering committee member for each of the neighborhoods and we have at least one person in many of the neighborhoods. Currently, we are recruiting steering committee members for the following areas (a map of the areas can be found at

  • Stone Canyon/Eagle Ridge (area 5)
  • South St Vrain and CR 69 (area 7-1)
  • Hwy southwest of Old St Vrain Rd (area 7-2)
  • Eastern Corridor - N. Foothills/Ute Hwy (area 8)
  • Beech Hill Valley (area 10-1)
  • Buster Ranch & Sunship (area 10-2)
  • Lonestar (area 10-3)
  • X Bar 7 and Blue Mtn Trail (area 11)
  • Hwy 36 west of Blue Mtn Rd (area 10-13)
  • Indian Lookout Rd, River Bend, and Planet Bluegrass (area 10-14)
  • Eagle Canyon and Grover Drive (area 15)

Steering committee members should commit to radio training and annual exercise, and try to attend monthly meetings. Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Lyons Fire Station#1. We hope you can join us at this meeting.
Lyons Prepared
Lyon Prepared
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