Dear Friends:
As the 114th Congress comes to a close, and the 115th Congress quickly approaches, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to share a couple of accomplishments we achieved over the last two years.

This Congress, I worked tirelessly to build an economy that works for all Americans. I co-sponsored legislation that would increase the

federal minimum wage and led the efforts in pushing for the expansion of the Department of Labor's Overtime Rule, helping millions of Coloradans and Americans receive the wages they deserve and rightfully earned. I will continue to lead these efforts into 2017 and stand up for working families, collective bargaining rights, a living wage, and good-paying jobs.

Over the last two years, I was also able to secure more funding for our roads, bridges, and highways, pass legislation to repeal and replace outdated K-12 policies, and fight to protect your emails from warrantless government intrusion. I’m proud that five of my bills, nine of my amendments, and ten of my co-led amendments passed the House of Representatives, and I look forward to achieving similar (if not greater!) accomplishments in the next Congress.

While federal law is crafted in Washington D.C., my top priority is supporting legislation that helps everyone back home in the Second Congressional District. It’s why I hosted nineteen town halls, visited thirty-three schools, and wrote over 150,000 letters and emails to constituents. It’s important for you to know that your input truly matters, and I will continue to be accessible and transparent when advocating for you in Washington D.C.

As always, I look forward to learning about your ideas on how you think we can move forward in 2017. Please don't hesitate to email me, call one of my offices, or send me a note through Facebook or Twitter. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the holiday season with loved ones.

Yours truly,
Jared Polis
U.S. House of Representatives – Second Congressional District

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