Dear Lyons Community,
Because 9Health is seeking new ways to support year-round preventive health for Coloradans, we are partnering with the State to help us all learn more about what Colorado residents are seeking who manage their own health and/or directly assist in the health management of others. Availability of health services, their costs, obstacles to healthier living, and so much more as you know, are all challenges we face these days. Your perspectives are vital to improving the

health-related services we all desire, and for 9Health, what we can offer you.

We are seeking help with two things to better fulfill our missions:

1) Focus Group Locations: Anywhere across Colorado where we can draw up to 20 participants, and provide a room to accommodate those folks (tables, chairs). The focus group sessions will be facilitated by Mosaica Partners, the health information strategy consultants that helped develop Colorado's Health IT Roadmap. The sessions will be 2½ hours long and will be held at various locations around Colorado.

2) Focus Group Participants: Individuals from all areas of Colorado, all age groups (over 18), all occupations, and all income levels are being invited to attend these focus group sessions. In addition to individuals who manage their own or other family members health, individuals employed as care coordinators in for profit or non-profit organizations are also sought.

If you would be interested in attending one of these focus groups, or would like to donate space, please respond to: Carrie Paykoc, Interim Director, Office of eHealth Innovation, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you on behalf of 9Health, OeHI, and the eHealth Commission!

Gary Drews
President & CEO, 9Health

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