Dear Editor,
In my opinion the Town Board should say “NO” to the shooting range proposed for the CEMEX quarry site right over the hill from Lyons.
The proposal was duly explained by Commissioner Deb Gardner and County employee Gary Sanfacon as being a long ways away; that nothing has been done; that they are looking for a suitable site; and they they

are listening to all ideas. But, on the other hand they have contacted CEMEX to ask if they would sell their quarry just over the hill from Lyons for recreational shooting so those recreating up in the mountain will not be in danger. (Not including Lyons.)

The more I think of the situation, the more scary it gets! Why should we here in Lyons give up our safety, quiet and peace, so folks can come target practice just a hill away. True, maybe they might come the three miles to town and buy and cup of coffee, but is it worth it?

They mentioned the thousands of acres the county has as open space, but said it might take a county vote to get it. I think that is better than endangering Lyons. Let’s tell the CEMEX Company to say “NO!” Surely they will not fall for this when the Lyons community has been good to them since they built there in 1964, except our having to crusade when they were polluting us.

We learn there are now several shooting ranges (near the Boulder airport, in Erie, up toward Estes Park, and more). We also learn there is lots of land they can pursue. It is really asking a lot of Lyons to put up with a recreational shooting range and endanger and impact the Lyons community, just so folks can have fun! 

The county nonchalantly said, “it was a long way from happening,” but, they are trying to put that danger next to Lyons! They say they have been asked to join four adjoining counties to find a sites on The Front Range. Really? Lyons, we may have to put on their boxing gloves to ward this off! They should be looking at their Open Space land, Dowe Flats, the Ohline quarries, north of Eagle Canyon, or way up in the hills of the other counties, but away from people, where there is no impact what so ever. LEAVE LYONS ALONE! NO! NO! NO!       
LaVern  Johnson
(303) 823-5925, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.S. For email updates about the county's progress, contact Gary Sanfacon (720) 564-2642, or go to this link: http://www,

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