Dear Editor:
Recently there was a letter in your newspaper regarding the importance of investigative journalism in local reporting. If I recall correctly, the premise of this letter was that the local reporters could and should do more

and/or better. Of course, I agree that every reporter should strive to do the best reporting possible with the resources they have. What concerns me is in order to accomplish this we need to support our local newspapers with advertising and subscriptions. If we do not, then we cannot expect them to have the resources to adequately report on issues, challenges, concerns and all the good local happenings.

Local reporting is an important part of a community because you can get national and state news from multiple sources but local is just that – it is in our local newspapers. Considering the current climate where politicians are accusing the journalism profession as being the enemy, it has never been more important to support our reporters and our local newspapers.

We subscribe to two local newspapers: Lyons Recorder and Estes Park Trail Gazette and advertise in the Lyons Recorder and Redstone Review. We consistently support and read these newspapers along with the Estes Park News. As such we are trying to do our part in supporting local. President John F. Kennedy famously stated, “ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.” In a small and significant way, we can support local to make a difference locally, but we need to do our part.

The Redstone Review is a free newspaper for locals and as such relies on advertising. The Lyons Recorder is a subscription newspaper that relies on advertising and subscriptions. You can contact both papers for rate information. Please consider supporting these two newspapers and please continue to express your interests and concerns because we live in a country that at least for now, allows freedom of speech.  Thank you.

Christy Crosser

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