Dear Lyons community,

Thank you Lyons community for your gifts of love, which I can never repay. It all started with Lyons Automotive, and the gift of getting my golf cart fixed earlier in the year. Chuck & Chris of Lyons Automotive worked tirelessly to fix Alice, my thirty-year old Club Car, mostly pro bono, only to find out the batteries were going and this winter they quit working altogether. Thank you to those who shared the Facebook page with the opportunity to help me and Alice.

Accolades to Kathleen Springs, for sharing her Facebook page with the rest of you and getting word out for the Go Fund Me Account. Altogether we raised $1,600 for the batteries.

A total stranger, yet a good neighbor, came to my door with an offer to fix Alice, just for the experience and neighborly concern, his name is Keith, just that,

I don't know his last name. In four hours Keith had the job done, and Dallas Alice was purring like a kitten (as much as an old golf cart can). Keith did the hard work, the labor, completely pro bono. Thank-you Keith for all your help and encouragement; I am one truly blessed resident in little Lyons.

Kudos to the Littles, the Schwinns, and the Becks, as well as all who I am not mentioning, for sake of space, who helped and who gave. I owe many debts to each of you, and I will volunteer where I can this spring and summer as I can. Helping is my gift, and I will help where I can.

You all have showed and demonstrated love of the highest degrees towards me, and I am fortunate to live here and have the blessings of little Lyons. It is simply a lovely community and neighborhood.

There's so much more; more to thank you all, and I am overwhelmed by these blessings.
Vance French

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