To All:
My deep thanks and appreciation for the grand honor Saturday of naming the park, LaVern M. Johnson Park, and for the beautiful sandstone sign and ceremony. A wonderful day! I am not sure I deserve all those kudos and praise, but I am glad I am still "alive & kicking" to enjoy them. 

It was truly wonderful to have State Representative Jonathan Singer and County Commissioner Deb Gardner present. Through the years they have helped Lyons tremendously and have become true friends. I was thinking of all the long late night Commissioner meetings I have gone to for the various causes for Lyons, and it is really exciting to have such good Commissioners and State Representatives who know we are here!

Thanks Victoria, and all speakers. Thanks for the corsage, bouquet, cards, cake, the plaques from Teegan Johnson Moore and Team Colorado Whitewater Racing (kayaking in Lyons), the Town resolution dated May 2, 2016, and the lovely program. Thanks to the contractor Kirsche, Sloan and Dave of Lyons Parks & Rec., and all who made the wonderful park recovery happen; as well as all others who have helped in any way.


True, Connie "curled up my collar" for having the mural on her store painted over. I have forgiven her, as she was new to town and did not know the history. (I should have paid her a visit instead of protesting thru emails). However, through the years, she has become supportive of the museum and Lyons' history, and we thank her.

I had forgotten Mayor Julie having to come to the hospital in June of 2009, when I broke my femur bone, to finish the SCFD grant for me. Thanks Julie, you saved the day, plus being a true friend and she was Mayor during the most crucial time of the flood and park, as she was in Tunisia on her job for World Bank during the flood!

I appreciated Kurt and Dave telling what they have been through with me, all the grants we applied for and got, and all the Parks & Recreation accomplishments we have made. Many struggles, but we made it!

To receive the Starburst Award for the park is truly wonderful. Thank you Val Beck from Colorado Lottery Communications Manager, and Go-Colorado for the funding to buy the Hains property and for park recovery, as well as other GoCo grants and other grants for Lyons' projects in the past as well as future.

Thanks to the Town Board members for their support, and especially for passing the resolution to change the name last year, and the great program last May, my chair, pictures, Joseph's song, the businesses and individuals who donated funds for the museum, and more. It is truly humbling!

Thanks to Marissa, Arielle, Lori, Kim, and all others at the Town for the beautiful program and cake, and Kathleen Spring for the history brochure. We have prepared a "History of Meadow Park" booklet relating all the actions the museum has in its files from 1874 to present, selling for $10 at the Town Hall and the Lyons Redstone Museum. Stop by, or order at Box 9, Lyons, CO 80540 (include $2 for postage)

Thanks to the Wander Yonder Square Dancers who stayed for three nights and greatly enjoyed the RV campground, the program, square dance exhibition, the Good Old Days, and the evening square dance with Dave Guille and LeRoy Shade. (The RV's used to camp by the Hains fence, then in the nine unit campground, which became too small, and they had to go to Longmont or Loveland. We welcome you back to our new RV campground.

Thanks to the museum staff and those who enjoyed the program honoring Aaron Vasquez and Ever Ortiz-Valdez (of the Colard/Tilson family) the 2017 graduates of Lyons High who are from a pioneer family. And thanks to my family; sons Jerry and Ron, his wife Cindy and their kids Trevor, Audrey, and Randall, nieces Rosamond Sullivan and Terri Weir, and nephew, Scott Leiding.
The 41st Lyons Good Old days was deemed a success and we thank all who helped, and for the publicity. The pancake breakfast by the Oskar Blues cooks, and the Lyons Volunteers was a great revival, taking in over $900 for the Lyons Volunteers. More things next year.

Again thanks to all!

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