Dear Editor,
I attended the meeting on Wednesday night for Boulder County's plan to do controlled burns on Rabbit Mountain at the St. Vrain office in Longmont. Unfortunately there were only six members of the public attending, all homeowners around Rabbit Mountain concerned about the effects of the plan.

To All:
My deep thanks and appreciation for the grand honor Saturday of naming the park, LaVern M. Johnson Park, and for the beautiful sandstone sign and ceremony. A wonderful day! I am not sure I deserve all those kudos and praise, but I am glad I am still "alive & kicking" to enjoy them. 

It was truly wonderful to have State Representative Jonathan Singer and County Commissioner Deb Gardner present. Through the years they have helped Lyons tremendously and have become true friends. I was thinking of all the long late night Commissioner meetings I have gone to for the various causes for Lyons, and it is really exciting to have such good Commissioners and State Representatives who know we are here!

Dear Editor,
Today there are too many forces dividing America. President Teddy Roosevelt gave an enduring message in 1907 on immigration and unifying America:



Open Letter to the Town of Lyons from Sergeant Bill Crist
Good afternoon all,

I just wanted to take some time, and voice a few reminders as the “spring fever” that we all get starts to set in. There are more people out and more outdoor activities taking place in and around town.

The heavy traffic season is just around the corner; however, we continue to receive more and more traffic complaints in all areas of Town. Speeding

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