Dear Editor,

We appreciate the opportunity to give an update on our progress on the Park Street location in Lyons and to clarify some misconceptions in regards to our program. Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley is completing its first round of family qualifications for the homes that will be built on Park Street. Currently two families are moving through that qualification process as they meet Habitat’s standards for



Dear Residents,
Lyons Prepared is a volunteer citizen partnership with the
Lyons Fire Protection District in the Lyons area.



Dear Friends:
As the 114th Congress comes to a close, and the 115th Congress quickly approaches, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to share a couple of accomplishments we achieved over the last two years.

This Congress, I worked tirelessly to build an economy that works for all Americans. I co-sponsored legislation that would increase the



Thank you to everyone who participated in the 12th Annual Christmas Eve service.  We are especially grateful to Craig Ferguson for his generosity in opening the Wildflower Pavilion at Planet Bluegrass to us.  It is the perfect place for gathering as a community to celebrate the magic and hope of this season.  

Heartfelt thanks to Brian Schey for his gracious help in orchestrating the music, and to all of the other musicians and performers:  Eben Grace, Brian McRae, Jesse Maclaine, Anela Lauren, Jesse Garland, Shannon Johnson, Julie Adair and Rachel Tallent; and to Annie Grace for her tender children’s story. 

Also, a special thank you to Sean Flynn for engineering the sound and to everyone else who helped in any way to make the evening so special.

In gratitude,
Sam and Mindy



Dear Lyons Community,
Chase the Music in coordination with Bonfils sponsored its annual  Easter blood drive this past Sunday.  In all, forty slots were taken, and  thirty-one successful donations collected.

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