Guest Editorial

By Robert Brakenridge – Lyons Resident 
Here is a listing of the chemicals that Town of Lyon’s Toxic Weeds Management Policy states are used in its public spaces: “Quinstar 4L, Glyphosate 4 Plus, Panoramic 2SL, Esplanade 200SC, Curtail, Milestone, Redeem, Tordon, Transline, and Telar”.

Unlike some other towns and cities nearby, Lyons policy at present allows the use of these poisons in public areas, including near our rivers and soon near our ponds. It does so by stating in its Weed Management Policy that these chemicals may be used and are being used.

This is outdated and unsafe public policy, in my opinion. In recent years, other towns and cities across the country and also nearby have implemented much more restrictive policy. These weed poisons are not without risk to people, including children; also to pets, to our water supply, and to our local ecosystems. How “safe” these


Guest Editorial

By Jasmine Holan
The United States has a representative democracy—meaning we elect people to represent us in running the government. If fewer and fewer of us vote, we get less and less representation of the will of the people—and a less accurate reflection of the biggest check on power our forefathers gave us, We the People. In today’s political environment, overcoming monied interests and gerrymandered districts feels frustrating, but each vote truly matters now more than ever.

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