Dear Editor,
The Redstone Museum’s new permanent exhibit All Aboard! Railroads in Lyons opened to the public Wednesday, June 27. The exhibit would not have been possible without a community support grant from the Lyons Community Foundation. We are grateful for their financial assistance and encouragement of the museum and the preservation of history in Lyons.


Guest Editorial

By Jared Polis
Lyons knows the destruction of flood waters as it was nearly washed away five years ago, but Lyons also knows community, resilience, and triumph.

When the skies opened up in September 2013, all hands were on deck during the floods, and I was honored to travel alongside the National Guard to help pick up survivors. The sense of community and acts of resilience only continued when the waters subsided.

I remember traveling to one of the hardest hit areas - Fourmile Canyon. There I met Stu and Sarah Jane, who were new parents

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