Town Of Lyons

CenturyLink Announces Broader Band

Officials from CenturyLink held a press conference at the Temporary Lyons Town Hall (Lyons Elementary School) last Thursday to announce its plan to upgrade its broadband communications network in the Town of Lyons after the devastating Colorado floods that occurred in September. CenturyLink Vice President and General Manager Scott Russell explained that the upgrade would be in

six “cluster areas,” the first of which to be connected would be around the elementary school, other areas to follow would be the business district, the high school neighborhoods, Stone Canyon area, the Post Office section of town, and Eagle Canyon (not necessarily in that order). When completed (best estimate at this time is th end of February of 2014) the improved broadband network will be 180 to 225 percent faster (on average) for the majority of Lyons residential and business customers, with download speeds of up to 40 Megabits per second. Additionally, Lyons businesses in town will now be able to order fiber-based Internet and Voice services from CenturyLink, as well as industry leading cloud services.

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