Letters To The Editor

Heart of Lyons

Dear Town of Lyons Residents,
Jenny Voss and I are chairing up the community outreach efforts of the Heart of Lyons project. If you haven’t already heard, this exciting project is a volunteer endeavor to bolster awareness, explore possibilities, and bring to vote this fall a proposed community hub (hybridized library/community center) for the Town of Lyons.

Here is the link to our website: http://www.theheartoflyons.org/. You will see a friendly information table set up at

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Lets keep this LOG rolling

Dear Lyons Recorder,
I wanted to comment on the hugely successful 2013 Lyons Outdoor Games (LOG). I have watched this event grow from its infancy into a family-friendly, multi-sport, and activity based three-day event. With growth comes growing pains; however, with growth comes the opportunity for Lyons to grow this event into a nationally recognized destination event that show cases the many attributes our town has to offer (beyond bluegrass). This event, when allowed to prosper, will continue to give back to us and our children for years to come.

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Season after season

Dear Editor,
As we lingered inside during the season’s last snowstorm, I reminisced with Liz about the sights, sounds and scents we again look forward to experiencing on our fair weather forays through Lyons.

We can’t wait to breathe in the bouquets of aroma that annually greet us all around town thanks to the bountiful efforts of our Lyons Garden

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Thankful for the kind, dog friendly people

Dear Residents of Lyons,
Thank-you again for all of your help in finding Tally, our beloved dog, who ran away during the fireworks at the Lyons Outdoor Games. As recent Montana transplants who now live in Denver, this was our first trip to Lyons and we are so thankful for the kind, dog-friendly people who found Tally. We are looking forward to our next trip to Lyons.
Emily, Seth, and Tally


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Thank you guys!

Dear Lyons Community,
A huge thanks to the kitchen guys, Paul Phelps and Blake for putting out an excellent breakfast for the river clean up volunteers at the Lyons Outdoor Games on Sunday morning. About forty-five folks came out bright and early and picked up trash from one end of Lyons at the very

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