On Thursday, December 31, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) released real-time transit information to the public, including arrival predictions for all RTD local buses. RTD also published vehicle location information on all fixed bus routes and made the data available to third-party developers to support the

creation of mobile applications.

An example of an available third-party application is Transit App, the first to use the RTD data feed to provide real-time arrival predictions for local bus routes. Transit App also has the capability of displaying the vehicle location information for local and regional buses. The Transit App is available for free in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). For more details, visit, www.rtd-denver.com/apps.

In the next month, RTD expects the real-time data feed to go live with Google Maps, which will provide another interface for the public to view local bus real-time arrival predictions. In late 2016 and 2017, real-time arrival predications for regional bus, light rail, and commuter rail will be available. Arrival predictions on existing public information displays at Table Mesa Station Park-n-Ride, Downtown Transit Station, and Boulder Junction at Depot Square Station will also be available in 2016.

Additionally, city staff is currently working with RTD to integrate HOP real-time information into RTD’s information system. Until then, HOP real-time information is available at www.boulderbustracker.com or by downloading the CU Bus Tracker application for iOS or Android smart phone systems.

During the 2014 Transportation Master Plan update, the City of Boulder heard from the community that real-time arrival information was the most desired enhancement for transit in the city. Boulder officials will continue to work with RTD and agency partners to ensure real-time information expands to the entire RTD system, as well as the HOP and future FLEX to Boulder routes.

If you experience issues viewing RTD data, such as not seeing the real-time information for a local route, please send the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and RTD will provide you with information related to the issue. To learn more about RTD’s real-time system, visit, www.rtd-denver.com/mobile.shtml.

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