With the nation once again tragically focused on student safety in our schools, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office floated the idea for school resource officers (SRO) to store long-range rifles in gun safes at Lyons Middle/Senior and Niwot High School at a recent St. Vrain Valley School Board (SVVSB).

Representatives from the Sheriff's Office presented the proposal, indicating response times for backup officers to reach both schools would take between 10 and 15 minutes for officers to get to Niwot High and Lyons Middle/Senior High Schools.

They went on to say, "If we have an active shooter in the school, we want to give our school resource officers as much advantage as we can to neutralize the threat.” The feeling is that by keeping a long-range rifle inside the school, it gives the school officer quicker access in the event of a school shooting. Presently officers keep police-issued AR-15 rifles locked in their cars in the school parking lot, and only carry handguns when they're inside the schools.

The change in policy would not require additional money from the school district, as the BoCo Sheriff's Office would provide both the safes and the rifles. In addition, as an added safety precaution, the safes would come equipped with  a biometric lock, keyed to the individual SRO so that no one other than sheriff's deputies would have access.

A formal presentation will have to be made and voted on by the school board. Officials from the SVVSB indicated that there would be public meetings to gather input from parents, students, and the public, most likely sometime in June. Locations, dates, and time to be determined.

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