Many technology experts agree that the biggest obstacle to widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is the availability of charging stations. With new charging stations coming online and a new opportunity for residents to rent their electricity supply, Boulder County’s estimated 2,000 EV drivers may soon see an expanded charging network.

Taking an innovative approach to solving the charging problem, Boulder Energy Challenge awardee EVmatch announced today that it is launching its service in Boulder. The company is the first electric vehicle charging platform to connect EV drivers with nearby private chargers.

“The EVmatch team and our partners are enormously proud to have the opportunity to multiply the availability of chargers to Boulder residents and visitors,” said EVmatch founder and CEO Heather Hochrein. “With EVmatch, homeowners have the opportunity to sell electricity directly to EV drivers via our website or a downloadable app.”

During its initial rollout, EVmatch will recruit homeowners to sign up as “hosts” while publicizing the availability of new charging locations to EV drivers. Those who sign up as hosts will earn income from renting their outlets or chargers. Thanks to the Boulder Energy Challenge grant of $50,000, EVmatch is offering incentives of $200 off the cost of charging systems to the first forty hosts who join the network.

Meanwhile, the City of Boulder has added several new charging stations in 2018, including the first charging station to be installed next to on-street public parking spaces, located in Boulder Junction.

“Having a charging station next to on-street parking spaces is important in an area like Boulder Junction, where residents may not have a private parking space to charge and where people make short trips to visit businesses,” said Gerrit Slatter, principal engineer for the city’s Transportation Capital Projects. “Since this is the first of its kind in Boulder, we’ll be studying its performance and usage to determine whether similar stations can be incorporated into future construction projects.”

“Startups such as EVmatch and expanding the number of EV stations play an important role in making electric vehicles a viable option for even more people,” said City of Boulder sustainability coordinator Jamie Harkins.

Interested EV drivers can quickly find, reserve and pay for affordable charging, while hosts can earn money by renting out their outlets or chargers by simply registering on the company’s website,, or by downloading the free app at the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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