Are you curious about how many registered voters there are in your city? Or if your precinct leans republican or democratic? Boulder County Elections has developed an online interactive tool that anyone can use to look up the active voter registration counts for Boulder County voters by party, gender, age range, municipality, and precinct.

“During each election and year-round sometimes too, voters, candidates, election workers, and the press have lots of questions about the number of registered

voters we have in different pockets of the county and in different parties, and subsets of each,” stated Boulder County Clerk & Recorder Hillary Hall. “We worked with Boulder County IT to develop this easy to use online tool to offer a quick self-service option for these data count requests and enable the community to explore voter registration trends and patterns in Boulder County.”

Check out the new tool at:

A few fun quick facts you can see by using the tool (remember, numbers shift daily with registration changes!):

  • Female voters outnumber male voter by over 4,600 voters overall
  • In the 20-29 age range, male voters outnumber female voters
  • We have the most voters in the 20-29 age category
  • If Unincorporated Boulder County voters were a city, they would be the third largest city in the county after Boulder and Longmont

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