Boulder County Clerk & Recorder Hillary Hall will host a webinar to help explain what categories and groups of ballots are left to be counted after Election Day, and how election night reporting will take place.

The “Buckets of Ballots” & More Briefing webinar will take place (at your own computer) on Monday, October 30, from 11: 30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. RSVP by email is required by that morning at 9 a.m., with your name and organization. Login information will be sent to you. Anyone who wishes to “attend” this unique event is welcome. Those who might find it especially helpful to attend are: candidate/issue campaign representatives, political parties, and city/special district officials.

On every election there are “categories” of ballots that will be counted and have the potential to be counted at the end of the eighth day after the election. For instance, military and overseas mail ballots can be received up until eight days after the election and still be counted.

In this webinar, Clerk Hall will review all the types of categories (buckets, if you will) of ballots that the candidates and cities should expect to be remaining the day after the election. This webinar is meant to help bring clarity in terms of how the final ballots are processed and what is and what may be outstanding the day after the election. This information is especially important if a contest is close.

Additionally, the webinar will cover the election night results process, watcher information, recount scenarios, and Colorado’s new election audit (risk limiting audit).

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