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Lyons is a small community that attracts a diverse mix of residents, workers, and visitors. Lyons strives to be a welcoming community for all, whether you are a resident, here working at a local business, or just spending the day enjoying all that Lyons has to offer.
As community leaders, we share the goal of maintaining the positive relationship between Lyons’ citizens and visitors, and the law enforcement



By Joseph Lekarczyk

They spent a lot of time at Monday night's Board of Trustees (BOT) discussing how to best ensure that good people, and lots of them, run for elected offices (Trustee seats and Mayor) in upcoming elections, and how to ensure continuity and institutional knowledge from one election/Board to the next.

Most municipalities have “staggered” four-year terms, meaning every two years, half of the seats are up for election (one election three Trustees, two years later the three other Trustees plus the Mayor). Historically that is the way Lyons used to do it. But, about thirty-five years ago the Town



Editor's Note: I would like to sincerely thank Mark Browning who agreed to cover the Board of Trustees' meeting on December 19, when I was out of town on vacation. He then, on a moment's notice, stepped into the breech yet again on January 3, when I was stuck in Charles De Gaulle Airport with a canceled flight. No one knows better than I how much of a sacrifice he made in giving up those two evenings he will never get back in order to keep the Lyons community informed about the goings on down at Town Hall. Thank-you.
Joseph Lekarczyk – Editor
Lyons Recorder 

In the continuing effort of enhancing community engagement Mayor Connie Sullivan introduced Lyons High School student Georgia Barone, an officer in the school's Leo Club, to the gathering at Tuesday night's Board of Trustees'  (BOT) meeting, after which Ms. Barone led the Pledge of Allegiance. Then it was on to the business at hand.



Editor's note: Since my Paris flight back to Denver was cancelled, and I won't be arriving back at the office until Wednesday morning (if there are no further hiccups), and since the paper must come out on Thursday, Lora and I have decided to include a dispatch from the

The Town of Lyons, Boulder County and the State of Colorado has observed numerous areas of Myrtle Spurge and other noxious weeds within the Town of Lyons. Eradication of State List A Noxious Weed Species (elimination required) is necessary for the health of native species. The Town of Lyons works closely with the County, and action toward compliance is in full force. Be advised compliance with the


After devouring some hefty agenda items on their plates in late 2016, the Lyons Board of Trustees slimmed down to a lighter course of business Monday night in its first meeting of the new year. 

The meeting lasted barely more than an hour, with most of that devoted to staff updates and follow-ups on business from prior meetings.

Lyons Life By Ken Singer

Although Sgt. Nick Goldberger doesn’t live in Lyons, he has been the top cop in the Lyons Substation of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office since February 2013. It sort of makes him the Chief of Police with the job of supervising a number of deputies in town. Just about everyone in town knows him and calls him “Nick,” and that’s the “small town feeling” and

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