The Town of Lyons, Boulder County and the State of Colorado has observed numerous areas of Myrtle Spurge and other noxious weeds within the Town of Lyons. Eradication of State List A Noxious Weed Species (elimination required) is necessary for the health of native species. The Town of Lyons works closely with the County, and action toward compliance is in full force. Be advised compliance with the

Colorado Noxious Weed Act, Boulder County Noxious Weed Plan, and Town of Lyons is not optional. Failure to comply may result in legal action and abatement action taken by the Town. Abatement costs incurred by the Town will be billed to the property owner or collected as liens against the property (Lyons Municipal Code (Sec. 7-5-30).

Myrtle spurge is a tap rooted perennial that can reproduce by seed or plant fragments. Myrtle spurge is an escaped ornamental, found in small patches. This plant contains a toxic, milky sap which can cause severe skin irritations, including blistering, and is poisonous if ingested. Wearing gloves, long sleeves, shoes, and eye protection is highly recommended when in contact with all plant parts.
Do not compost myrtle spurge! The material can contain seeds and other propagules, such as root fragments. Bag it and send to the landfill.

Visit the Code Enforcement page on the Town website for more on Myrtle Spurge identification and management.

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