Within the next few weeks, an automated gate will be installed at the entrance of the recycling center, located at 198 2nd Avenue. The gate will be set to a timer to reflect the hours of the recycling center: closing at 7 p.m. and reopening at 7 a.m. daily. But don't panic! Sensors will also be installed to allow the gate to reopen, for anyone caught inside the recycling center area after the gate has closed (7 p.m.).

Single-stream recyclables are the only items permitted in the recycling center, and dumping of any kind is prohibited (such as mattresses, strollers, electronics, etc.).

We ask for the community's continued help in eliminating contamination of the recycling center. Common contributors of contamination include plastic

bags (e.g. grocery bags and trash bags), food and liquids, and non-recyclable materials. When placed in recycling bins, these products cause machinery to jam and require additional resources, which ultimately result in increased costs for end users.

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