Gerry and Joanie from Windsor, CO

Gerry and Joanie visit Lyons often for coffee and shopping on the way to Estes Park. Friends for 50 years, these ladies could finish each other's sentences about why they love Lyons, mostly having to do with fun finds in local stores. It reminds Gerry of the quaint,small town feel where she grew up in Kittredge, CO. "We love the friendly, local peoplehere  and we

have especially enjoyed Lyons Reruns and the Soda Fountain. There are so many cute shops, even off of Main Street on High and Broadway. We just love walking around downtown."


Rosey Floyd

Rose runs Rosey's Rescues on Broadway, and has a great time in that little ole cabin. "To live and work in Lyons is a dream come true. I discovered Lyons in the 1970s while on vacation. I felt this overwhelming feeling that I had truly come home and I vowed to come back and build my life here, which is exactly what I did. I've lived here 35 years now and have seen this town go through many changes. The once sleepy little bedroom community has grown and evolved into an oasis for musicians and artists who frequent my shop."


Kristen Gudmonson

Kristen's roots run deep in Lyons. She works for the Town of Lyons and lived here pre- and post-flood. "I love Lyons for it’s incredible connection to nature. I love that we are surrounded by inspiration, from golden eagle nests to blessings of rainbows appearing after most every rain storm.  I love Lyons for its First Nation history, for its resilient medicinal plants and trees, for its incredible wildlife and creative people.  In Lyons, we share the seasons with the river and draw strength in its fiercely gentle presence, indelibly woven through our community and our roots."


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