By Darcie Sanders, Lyons Regional Library District Trustee

The Lyons Regional Library District Board of Trustees has appointed an experienced staff member, Kara Bauman, to temporarily serve as Interim Library Director while the Board conducts a search for a new, permanent Library Director. Our Director for the past three years, Katherine Weadley, is moving up to a new statewide position with the Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC).

Kara holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Kentucky. She is an experienced public library administrator, and has held positions in the Englewood Public Library

and the Lexington Public Library. Prior to being appointed Interim Director, Kara’s title here in Lyons was Adult Experiences Librarian. She also provides our popular Reader’s Advisory and Notary Public services, in addition to excellent fly-tying tips.

Kara is very familiar with what is involved in operating our library, since she has previously stepped up to serve in an Acting Director capacity during our departing Director Katherine Weadley’s vacation times. We are grateful for Kara’s willingness to step up again, and enthusiastically welcome her to her new role.

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