By Mayor Connie Sullivan & Sgt. Bill Crist
The Town of Lyons is a welcoming destination for visitors from across the state wishing to enjoy our unique and beautiful parks. We greatly appreciate the economic support visitors bring to our community by spending money on camping and parking, and by shopping and dining in our local businesses. On some days (particularly holidays) however, there is the potential for our

parks to become crowded to the extent that safety issues may arise.

The crowding in Lavern Johnson Park over the July 4th holiday was to the point where first responders had concerns about their ability to address an emergency should one unfortunately occur. In addition to enforcing existing regulations, we feel it is prudent to trial several new guidelines to ensure that residents, and visitors to our town continue to have a safe and positive experience when they visit our parks.

Beginning this weekend, the following efforts to limit over-crowding will be applied in Lavern Johnson Park:

• The park will be considered “Full” when all the parking spaces are taken.
• Visitors in vehicles or on foot toting coolers will not be allowed to enter the park once the “Park Full” sign is posted and will be encouraged to utilize Bohn Park instead. Visitors directed to Bohn Park will be informed of the need to use the paid parking lot on Second Avenue.
• Visitors without coolers may enter the park on foot for purposes of accessing the river, jogging, walking dogs, etc., when the “Park Full” sign is posted.
• To ensure emergency vehicles can get into the park, Cars will not be allowed to idle in access lanes.
• The town will pilot a “pack-in/pack-out” policy for trash and will provide a free trash bag to vehicles upon entry.

By instituting capacity limits in LaVern Johnson Park, the staff and Sheriff deputies feel they can better serve park visitors. The Town staff will be meeting to re-assess the success/impact of these guidelines, and to discuss additional strategies for managing residential parking issues in the coming weeks. Residents are encouraged to notify the Sheriff using the non-emergency phone number if they experience cars blocking their driveway.

On behalf of the Town of Lyons, we appreciate the continued cooperation and patience shown by residents and visitors with the evolving management plans for our unique park system.

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