The campground host at LaVern M. Johnson Park reports multiple bear sightings along the riverbank in the park. Apparently a mother bear and her cub have been spotted across the river on several occasions. The mother bear appears to have an injured leg,

and perhaps is having difficulty climbing back up the steep cliffside. The park host reports that there have been incidents when young boys have been seen throwing rocks across the river at the bears. It should not have to be said, but that is not a very good idea on a lot of levels.

Other seemingly obvious precautions around bears are:
• Never approach any bear (particularly a cub).
• Do not put yourself physically between a mother bear and her cub.
• Keep your dog(s) on a leash.
• If you are having a picnic in the park, don't leave your food out in the open, or on a table.
• If the bear is aggressive, pick up small children, try to appear as “big” as possible, make loud noises, and back away slowly (never run).

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