By Ken Singer
Nearly 3000 athletes, beer drinkers, kayakers, dirt-bike jumpers, and other folks as well as many dogs were at the 2018 edition of the Outdoor Games/Burning Can on Saturday, June 2. The event was held at the Bohn Park Off-Leash Dog Park.

According to Kim Mitchell of the Town of Lyons, volunteers prepping the park for Saturday found “ten tennis balls, no snakes, and just three dog do-dos.”
The Zero Waste Green Team was supervised by Sustainability Coordinator, Toby Russell, who was busy in his town vehicle picking up bags of recycling, compostables,

and landfill items throughout the day. The 112 volunteers (34 of whom were just dealing with the bags from the Zero Waste stations) collected many more bags of recyclables than trash.

One of the more popular events was the 40-foot water-filled pool, which featured a runway for dogs to hurl themselves chasing a toy thrown by the owner. A large “bounce house” with slides and multiple levels was provided for the kids as well as a couple of big “hamster balls” that entertained them, as well as the spectators.

There appeared to be about 40 to 50 beer vendors providing the samples for the Burning Can registrants. Many were Colorado brews, but a number of out-of-state merchants were there as well. Interestingly, most of the beer was in cans, something that Oskar Blues from Lyons, pioneered a number of years ago. In fact, several members of the Green Team noted that there were no glass bottles in the recycling. (One person, while this author was on duty, put a green bag with the other “doo-doo” in the compostable station. It was discreetly removed to landfill.)  

Vendors and set-up staff were on the job early Friday and the volunteers were cleaning up as of Sunday. Kayakers were still evident at the Black Bear Hole as late as Monday, taking advantage of the spring run off.

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