Two Lyons adventurers, Erica Ellingson and Sarah Catchpole (the “Blister Sisters”), are preparing for a challenging hike. They will be trekking over one hundred miles across the remote and rolling Yorkshire Dales and Moors in the north of England. Why? To raise

funds for the future Lyons Community Library! A GO FUND ME page has been set up for this purpose. The two intrepid hikers want to bestow the children’s library area with much needed purposeful play structures, and specialized musical instruments for the outdoor learning area. These items cost serious money and are not within the new building's current budget.

Erica, a long time Lyons resident, is a keen hiker. She and her partner Nick Schneider, are huge fans of what Lyons offers our youngsters. Both of their children went through the entire Lyons school system, and the pre-flood library was a beloved and essential part of their childhood. Both Erica and Nick are very excited about what the new library will provide the community.

Sarah, a Lyons Library Board & Building Committee member wanted to make a contribution to the new library in an unusual way that might also inspire others. She is 71, and moved here from England almost three years ago to be close to family (Jessie Burns and Eric Thorin - local musicians) and begin a new chapter after being widowed. Hiking has been a life-long passion!

A retired special needs teacher and therapist, Sarah and Erica, an astrophysics professor at CU, first met on the Lyons Heil Ranch Picture Rock Trailhead two years ago. After meeting each other by chance on local trails again and again, they decided that they were fated to become hiking buddies, and started to plan their adventure abroad. It’s been in planning since last winter as they had to book trains, planes, buses, and B&Bs. If one of them sprains an ankle, gets bitten by England’s only poisonous snake (the Adder) they will have to find public transport or hitchhike to safety and the next B&B. But on the up side, they don’t need to worry about bears, mountain lions or rattlers!

The two women will begin their adventure in the small town of Kirkby Stephen, and will cover between ten to fourteen miles per day, heading east along Wainwright’s Coast to Coast long distance trail to the finish at Robin Hood’s Bay, an ancient fishing village perched crazily above the cliffs over-looking the wild North Sea.

The “Blister Sisters” expect to have plenty of trials figuring out the route across the remote, but stunning, Yorkshire Dales and Moors. In June, the Moors will be covered in the purple and pink buds of glorious heather – it is wild up there (it's where The Secret Garden novel was set). It will be a demanding, sometimes wet and muddy challenge to cover the one hundred miles in ten days!
They leave Lyons to begin their adventure on June 10. Their trip is already fully funded, and the GO FUND ME donations will go directly to the Library Foundation. Their GO FUND ME page is now open, and donations will be accepted until the beginning of August. You can follow their progress through weekly updates in The Lyons Recorder, which will publish a travel-log, on their FaceBook page “Blister Sisters,” or on Lyons Happenings.

Why not help these inspiring women to raise $5,000 through GO FUND ME. You will find the link on their FaceBook page. How about getting together with family or friends and donating?  Erica and Sarah say, “We’ll take the blisters, you support the library!” Any and all contributions will be gratefully received to support the library and future generations of Lyons kiddos; how important is that!

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