You may have seen a television crew from Kyrgyzstan last weekend (Saturday, April 14) out on Route 36 near the St. Vrain Road recording a CDOT volunteer clean-up crew as they maintained a section of U.S. 36  just outside Lyons. The program, “Waste Management in the United States: Is There a Way to Clean All the Litter?” is part

of a cooperative media effort with the U.S. State Department on how solid waste disposal is managed in the U.S. This segment will highlight how ordinary citizens in America help reduce litter in their local environment.

At present, the country of Kyrgyzstan has no waste processing or incineration facilities. Since the country gained their independence in 1991, nearly fifteen million tons of waste have reportedly accumulated in legal dumps located across its biggest cities. With a population of about six million people, the country produces one and a half million tons of waste annually; all of which goes into landfills. One of the objectives of this program is to explore best practices in the U.S. at reducing and recycling solid waste.

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