Late last Thursday morning (April 12) half a dozen government-type SUVs as well as two Boulder County Sheriff's vehicles were congregated in the parking lot behind the St. Vrain Pharmacy. One's first thought had to be, “Oh no, did they get robbed again?” Officials from the Sheriff's Office quickly put that line of reasoning to bed. “This is not a Boulder County Sheriff's operation, we are only here to assist the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency),” was the official response.

A quick tally counted two BoCo Sheriff's officers, at least three or four officers, in full tactical gear (i.e., black uniforms with POLICE in big white block letters written across the back, balaclava hoods, body armor, and weapons), several personnel in plain clothes with radios, and at least one person, also with a radio, who gave every “physical” appearance of being an undercover agent.

When the subject of taking photographs was raised, the response was, “Please do not take any photos of the officers, because there are several who are working undercover. You can go around front and take a photo of the building.”

A short while later a man in plain clothes and a clip board, as well as the aforementioned person who appeared to be working undercover were seen and heard questioning someone who is believed to be an employee at the pharmacy. When asked if the pharmacy would be opened in the foreseeable future, the response was, “No.” However, by Friday morning (April 13) there was a hand-written note saying “Closed until Monday @ 10 a.m.” 

Sure enough, late Monday morning the pharmacy was open. Owner Mary Aronson wants her customers and the public to know that she is in fact open for business, and able to fill nearly all prescriptions, with a few exceptions for certain “controlled substances.” If you have any questions about your particular prescription, stop by the pharmacy. Also, Mary really appreciates the heart-felt support and hugs she has received during this trying time, and thanks her friends, neighbors, and customers  

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