Early on Sunday, April 29, the Town of Lyons will conduct routine, 10-year maintenance protocols on the Town’s electric substation. During this time, residents and businesses who are Town of Lyons utility customers will experience an electrical blackout for an estimated two to four hours, scheduled to occur between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Please note that water

and sewer services will continue to operate as normal.

The health, safety, and welfare of the community are the Town’s top priority. We are working with the Boulder County Sheriff’s department, who is providing extra law enforcement personnel in Lyons, patrolling and ensuring safety and security during the outage. The Lyons Fire Protection District will also have extra personnel on staff for Fire/EMS needs. Lyons Fire is equipped with generators to maintain power in their building; during this time, residents may go to the fire station in the case of an emergency or if they only have a land line which requires electricity.

The Town is also working with our local senior services and human services, in an effort to accommodate residents with special requirements, such as oxygen or other medical needs. If you have medical needs requiring electricity and would like to work with the Town for resources during the outage, please contact Audrey Dicus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Town will also be working with business owners for continuity of operations during the outage, e.g. food safety, medical supplies, patient care.
Due to the magnitude of this event, Lyons Fire Protection District, N Line Electric, and the Town are asking for the community’s help in unplugging all nonessential electric sources for the duration of the outage, as to help mitigate potential hazards upon restarting the town’s power.

Please note that once the outage begins, work must continue until it is complete. If the maintenance experiences unanticipated issues or takes longer than the anticipated four hours, the Town will send additional communications via email, website, and social media. For this and other emergency reasons, we advise residents to charge cell phones prior to the blackout, to ensure you receive notifications related to the outage. This may also be an opportune time to replace and test batteries in smoke detectors and home security systems, if you haven’t within the last year.

Communication regarding this scheduled maintenance event will be ongoing over the next thirty days as the Town, together with the Lyons Fire Protection District and Boulder County Sheriff’s Office implements appropriate safety and security measures in the weeks leading up to April 29.

Please note that this should not impact Poudre REA or Longmont Power electric customers. For additional questions, please call Town Hall, (303) 823-6622. The Town will continue to send updates.

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