By Ken Singer
If you’ve utilized the recycling roll-offs near Town Hall, you’ve probably seen items placed there that should be in the trash or maybe donated to a thrift store. Items placed in or around the site are sometimes placed there by well-meaning individuals in hopes that someone will want their dresser with a broken drawer, or an old cathode-ray TV.

Other people probably just hope to get rid of something that the trash hauler won’t take (or make them pay extra for removing). A

good example of bad behavior was evident last week when someone dropped off a brown couch at the recycling site. It had to be demolished and hauled away (at the Town’s expense.)

Crystal White and Barney Dreistadt, both members of the Lyons Volunteers, came with implements of destruction (a pick-ax and 20 lb. sledge hammer). The pick-ax didn’t do the job, but Crystal made short order of the couch, turning it into splinters of wood, fabric, and foam.

Ms. White said that the Volunteers get called out two or three times a month to demolish couches and other furniture. “I would recommend that whoever is dumping their crap, volunteer to clean up the community as part of the punishment” she said. Asked what the most unusual item she has had to remove she replied that she disposed of “some massage toys.”
There are regulations and instructions posted for acceptable items for recycling, however, one look into the roll-offs, and one can see inappropriate items that are not recyclable, like plastic bags and Styrofoam. Corrugated cardboard, for example, commands a better price when placed in the bin for that product. Electronics and other non-recyclable materials, have to be disposed of on the Town’s dime, just as the couch was.  

Fortunately, Lyons is holding its annual Clean Up Day on Saturday, May 19, following their Community Yard Sale the week before on Saturday, May 12, in Sandstone Park and at various homes throughout town (and surrounding neighborhoods). Residents will have the opportunity to dispose of scrap metal, tires, mattresses, yard waste (including leaves and branches), electronics, and plastics; as well as repairable bicycles and other items that could be donated to Good Will and other such entities.

Most items will be recycled for free, while for others (such as electronics and mattresses), a small fee will be assessed. The purpose of the clean up is to minimize waste in the landfill. The Sustainable Futures Commission has been working with the Town to reduce landfill items through recycling and reuse. Toby Russell, a Town employee, has been developing proposals for “Pay as You Throw” disposal ideas from the three or four trash haulers currently serving Lyons and the surrounding area.
There will be more information about the yard sale and clean up in the next few weeks.

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