The Town of Lyons will hold a municipal election for all seven seats on the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, April 3. The vote will be by mail-in ballots, which according to Town Clerk Deb Anthony will be mailed out to the voters in the next few weeks.

In addition to the Mayor position, which is uncontested so that incumbent Connie Sullivan will hold the post for another two years, there are six Trustee seats up for grabs, and a few ballot questions, concerning a tax increase. The seven candidates for the Trustee positions are four incumbents: Barney Dreistadt, Wendy Miller, Michael Karavas, and Juli Waugh; and three new comers to the Lyons political scene: Mark Browning, Jocelyn Farrell, and Gary McCrumb.

On Wednesday, March 7, at 6 p.m., in the meeting room at Oskar Blues, there will be a “Candidates Forum,” sponsored by the Lyons Chamber of Commerce, the Redstone Review, the Lyons Recorder, and the Lyons Library District, where the public will have a chance to meet the candidates, and submit questions for them to pontificate upon. If

that in and of itself is not enough to get you excited, there will be light snacks, live entertainment, and beverages available!
So let's all show up, listen to some civil discourse, get to know our future Trustees and Mayor, and become “informed” voters. We've all recently witnessed what can happen when that is not the case.   

Board of Trustees

Mark Browning    

Mark Browning is a Planning and Community Development Commission member and Lyons Volunteers board member. He formerly chaired the Lyons Regional Library District. He is a member of the Community Church, Lions Club, and Polar Bears Club, and does volunteer work with Lyons Volunteers, Habitat for Humanity, and LEAF Meals on Wheels.

Before retiring to Lyons, he practiced law in Texas for thirty-three years, ten in private practice and twenty-three with the Texas Attorney General’s Office, specializing in bankruptcy, federal civil litigation and tax collection.

He would like to see the Town focus more on providing basic services such as street/sidewalk repair and dead limb pick-up, selling surplus non-open space Town property, completing and opening hike and bike paths, and encouraging affordable housing, if it is financially feasible and built by an experienced, reputable developer.

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