Former Lyons resident John Freeborn (LHS class of 1995) is the Senior Ranger at Ridgway State Park. John has worked full time forCPW since 2004. On June 18, of this year John was driving to work when a vehicle swerved into his lane causing a high speed, head-on collision. John suffered serious injuries and had to be life flighted to Grand Junction. John has had several major surgeries

for his injuries, and on June 23, he will had his fourth procedure, and hopefully, last surgery. John is still in the ICU, and if everything goes well, he will be out of ICU and into his own hospital room sometime next week. He will be in the hospital for several more weeks, and John will have an extended rehabilitation time ahead of him.

John has worked at State Forest State Park, Sylvan Lake State Park, and Ridgeway State Park. John has served CPW in many different roles. He is passionate about officer safety, and this has been demonstrated by serving as an instructor in Firearms, Shotgun, PPCT, WSTA, SSTA, Intoxilyzer, and serving as a Field Training Officer (FTO) for the newly hired Park Rangers.
This accident, life flight, hospital stay, rehabilitation, insurance premiums, and traveling for John’s family is going to be a huge financial burden. The family (John is the step-son of Town of Lyons Clerk Deb Anthony) has been asked many questions on how to help John, and one way to help would be to donate to a GoFundMe account that has been set up in his name. Simply go to, click on the “search” box in the upper left, type in John Freeborn, and then click on his box (a picture of a young boy fishing).

John, Aris, and John’s parents appreciate your help, thoughts, and prayers.

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