By Joseph Lekarczyk
In a procedure not witnessed in recent memory, the Board of Trustees (BOT) conducted a quasi-judicial public hearing at Monday night's meeting concerning a citizen's appeal of a building inspector's decision on a house still in the process of being renovated five years after the flood.

In an episode as riveting any Perry Mason television drama, homeowner Bonita Yoder pleaded with the Trustees to overturn the building inspector's findings that, one, she could not use a specific type of industrial foam to act as a moisture barrier/adhesive between an exterior rock facade and the interior basement wall of her home on the corner of Second Avenue and Park Street; and two, she could not act

The Lyons Regional Library District Board of Trustees announces a job opening

Library Director
The Director plans, directs, and promotes the activities and operations of the library, provides leadership, acts as the library's primary public representative, and will take the library


Gerry and Joanie from Windsor, CO

Gerry and Joanie visit Lyons often for coffee and shopping on the way to Estes Park. Friends for 50 years, these ladies could finish each other's sentences about why they love Lyons, mostly having to do with fun finds in local stores. It reminds Gerry of the quaint,small town feel where she grew up in Kittredge, CO. "We love the friendly, local peoplehere  and we



By Joseph Lekarczyk
A chorus of citizens repeated the same refrain over and over at Monday night's Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting; support live outdoor music in Lyons! At issue was a public hearing to amend certain sections of an existing ordinance pertaining to the Outdoor Activity Overlay District, which includes both sides of Main and High Streets between Third and Fifth Avenues.

The current ordinance is a hodgepodge of “open, limited, and restricted” zones, which limit or restrict, among other things, the playing of acoustic or amplified music during various times of days, and during various days of the week. The need for these amendments came about because certain businesses and prospective businesses in the district desired to have outdoor



By Ken Singer
The Lyons Volunteers are still at it five years after they mobilized to help the town following the flood of 2013. Scrap metal, which shouldn’t be added to the single-stream recycling, is being taken to ECO-Cycle’s CHaRM facility in Boulder.

Previously, residents had to wait until the annual Town Clean-Up day in the Spring, or take it themselves to Boulder. Now, the Volunteers are collecting metal fence posts, refrigerators, microwaves, metal roofing, and many other items that are more than 50% metal.



Ahmed Rayyan and Ignacio  Nácho Demian are two foreign exchange students from very different corners of the world who are currently living in Lyons and attending Lyons High School. Ahmed (16) is from the West Bank of Palestine, and  Nácho (15) comes to Lyons from Chile. Both young men arrived here in August; Nácho will be staying through January 6, for the fall/winter semester (its spring/summer in Chile), while Ahmed will be here for the entire 2018/19 school


If it's October, it must be budget time. The Board of Trustees (BOT) held a lengthy pre-meeting workshop Monday evening to hear from staff about the requests from various departments for the proposed 2019 budget.

Lyons Substation Supervisor Sgt. Bill Crist was unexpectedly called away, so there was no Sheriff's report. But he will most likely be getting an earful from the Board about dogs off leash at the next meeting. It seems Trustee Michael Karavas and his wife have had three different incidents over the past few months of unleashed dogs attacking their leashed dog while on their morning/evening walks about town. At least one of which

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