The Lyons youth baseball team for 13 to 14 year olds is looking for at least four additional players so they can form a second team. (They have too many players for one team, and slightly too few to form two teams.) Also, one head coach is needed for the second team, as well as volunteer coaching help for all age levels teams.
No experience is required, just a desire to help kids with basic baseball instruction/skills. If interested in volunteering or having your child play, please sign up with Longmont Baseball League at, or call (720) 684-6286.



It's time to start planning for next month’s annual Lyons community garage sale and the spring cleanup, coordinated by the Sustainable Futures Commission (SFC). The events will be held on consecutive Saturday mornings:  the Lyons community garage sale will be held on Saturday, May 12, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Lyons annual spring cleanup day will take place Saturday, May 19, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

The purpose of the community wide garage sale is to promote reuse of resources and materials.  Hosting or participating in a garage sale is one way to extend the life of useable materials and save (or make) some money in the process. 



You may have seen a television crew from Kyrgyzstan last weekend (Saturday, April 14) out on Route 36 near the St. Vrain Road recording a CDOT volunteer clean-up crew as they maintained a section of U.S. 36  just outside Lyons. The program, “Waste Management in the United States: Is There a Way to Clean All the Litter?” is part



Late last Thursday morning (April 12) half a dozen government-type SUVs as well as two Boulder County Sheriff's vehicles were congregated in the parking lot behind the St. Vrain Pharmacy. One's first thought had to be, “Oh no, did they get robbed again?” Officials from the Sheriff's Office quickly put that line of reasoning to bed. “This is not a Boulder County Sheriff's operation, we are only here to assist the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency),” was the official response.



By Ken Singer
If you’ve utilized the recycling roll-offs near Town Hall, you’ve probably seen items placed there that should be in the trash or maybe donated to a thrift store. Items placed in or around the site are sometimes placed there by well-meaning individuals in hopes that someone will want their dresser with a broken drawer, or an old cathode-ray TV.

Other people probably just hope to get rid of something that the trash hauler won’t take (or make them pay extra for removing). A



On Monday evening the Lyons Board of Trustees (BOT), friends, family, and neighbors said good-bye to Mayor Pro Tem Dan Greenberg (term-limited after three two-year terms on the Board) and James Kerr (chose not to seek re-election after two two-year terms), and hello to new Trustees Mark Browning and Joycelyn Farrell (incumbent Trustees Barney Dreistadt, Michael Karavas, Wendy Miller, and Juli Waugh were re-elected, as was Mayor Connie Sullivan who ran unopposed) with a small “thank-you” ceremony that included cake, punch, nuts, and coffee.



Early on Sunday, April 29, the Town of Lyons will conduct routine, 10-year maintenance protocols on the Town’s electric substation. During this time, residents and businesses who are Town of Lyons utility customers will experience an electrical blackout for an estimated two to four hours, scheduled to occur between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Please note that water

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