Tax & Spend Warm & Fuzzy

By Joseph Lekarczyk
If Sean, Bill, and the rest of the Fox News conservative talking heads were reporting on Monday night’s Town of Lyons Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting, they would be getting all red-in-the-face, and

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Rock n’ River Redux

By Kate Kerr
One-thirty in the morning Thursday, September 12, was an inopportune time for longtime friends of Jay and Elaine Hodge to arrive in Lyons from Pennsylvania. They somehow made it to the Rock n’ River Resort (just west of Lyons on Rte. 36) right as the floodwaters reached the bottom of the only

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Celebration of Life

Steve West and Connie Lambert will be hosting a BBQ to celebrate the life of their mother, Donna West. We are inviting all of Donna’s friends (Claude’s friends are invited too) and family to join us on Sunday,

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Heartfelt Thanks

Dear Lyons Community,
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 9th Annual Easter Celebration at Sandstone Park. .
Heartfelt thanks to Eben Grace for his gracious help in orchestrating the music, and to all of the other

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Protect Yourself Against Wage Theft

The City of Boulder’s Office of Human Rights and Family Resource Center are working with Boulder Housing Partners to hold a free informational workshop on wage theft on Thursday, April 24, from

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Appreciate your Support

Dear Lyons Community,
I would like to introduce myself to the community of Lyons, and to our neighbors in the outside rural areas. I am running for a Board of Directors position for the Lyons Fire District. 

Presently we have little rural representation on the board for the Lyons Fire District. The district covers

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Just A Coincidence? I Think Not!

By Mayor John O’Brien
In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is not married to the Editor.

My son was reviewing some notes from one of his old philosophy courses and found the amazing letter below. He wrote: “It was a letter of consolation from a stoic named Stilpo to his friend Liberalis after Liberalis’ city was destroyed by fire.  It’s interesting that his city was named

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