Volunteer Opportunities

Boulder County Seeks Volunteers for Two Projects

Boulder County has two opportunities for volunteers to help with either flood cleanup or forestry on the weekend of September 6.
Forestry Project on Saturday, September 6
Help clean up and restore the forests as part of Boulder County’s ongoing treatment efforts to maintain

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Volunteering as Therapy

By Garima Fairfax
After we cleaned up from some flooding in our own house and got our electricity back, I found myself totally confused. I cleaned out all of our closets and cupboards and filled boxes for Lyons Reruns.  That

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County Seeking Mentors

Boulder County is looking for volunteers willing to dedicate their time on a weekly basis to help local teens achieve positive life changes. The Boulder County Community Services Mentor Program is seeking adults who can work well with teens, be a positive role model, and commit to three hours of mentoring per week. Volunteer time essentially consists of activities enjoyed by participants, whether it is going to a ballgame, watching a movie or just grabbing a bite to eat.

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