Now Is The Time To Buy Flood Insurance

With mountain snowpack high, and rainy months on the way, now is the time to buy flood insurance, say state and federal emergency management officials.

In most circumstances, there is a thirty-day waiting period from the time the policy is written and the premium is paid until the policy goes into effect. That means a policy purchased today, in April, would not go into effect until the same date in May. It also means that a policy

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"Metamorphoses" at CU-Boulder University Theatre

Mary Zimmerman’s Tony Award-winning play, “Metamorphoses,” is proof that Ovid’s ancient Greek and Roman myths resonate with meaning literally millennia after their creation.

“These tales are so old, yet their ideas have been passed on,” says Kevin Crowe, who will direct a new production of “Metamorphoses” April 11-19 at CU-Boulder’s University Theatre.

Zimmerman’s adaptation of Ovid’s classic delves into the creation of the world, the tragic story of King

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Lyons Farmette Spring Classes

Getting Your Garden Started ~ April 6
Fermentation Class ~ April 15
Skin Care Class ~  April 19
Impromptu Harvest to Table Class ~ May 4
Wool Day ~ Spinning/Knitting + a Farm Dinner ~ June 5
Garden Maintenance ~ July 22
Soul Craft Garden Mixology ~ July 29, August 16, September 21

Visit website for more classes and Farm Dinner Schedules.

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Fiber Show Entry Deadline Extended

Fiber Show Entry Deadline Extended
FACE of Fiber has extended the deadline for entries to May 2. All fiber media created by Lyons artists qualifies. We know the flood impacted you and your time to create. We hope an extra 2 weeks will encourage you to sign up for the exhibit. Remember-you must enter by May 2, but delivery date for your

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Volunteering as Therapy

By Garima Fairfax
After we cleaned up from some flooding in our own house and got our electricity back, I found myself totally confused. I cleaned out all of our closets and cupboards and filled boxes for Lyons Reruns.  That

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