Poetry Talk Oct 24, 2013

Repetitive Dream
By Alexa DiSalvo

Stop meeting me in the dark alcoves
Sticky honeycomb nightmare treasure troves
Why do I wander night after night

Beneath dripping subconscious stalactite
Looking for you?

We rendezvous in hollows
Your back to me, or a stranger who follows
We sit on bees’ faces, belly up to waxen bar
I miss you terribly as we sip feral nectar

I stare into the side of your smearing face
But you shift and shake in hexagonal space
As though you don’t even know
I am there.

Smoky morning light and alarm snare
Rip us apart, sapless, droopy, bare
Stinger throbbing in my chest
I flop about our dismantled nest
Remembering you are gone
Every single solitary dawn.

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