To the citizens of Lyons and surrounding areas,

The local organizers of the Lyons 9Health Fair feel deeply sorry the health fair was cancelled last Saturday, April 16. This decision was made by the St Vrain School District on the Friday afternoon before the fair, due to the potential for bad weather. Since we are limited in large venues for the health fair, we are

hostage to the rules and regulations governing use of the Lyons Middle/Senior School.

We realize this caused bad feelings for some participants who didn’t know until Saturday morning when they arrived at the school that the fair was cancelled.

Please understand that no one feels worse than those of us who spent months organizing this event. The number of man-hours and dollars already spent can’t be refunded.

The core group who organize the Lyons 9Health Fair is currently re-thinking when and where we will hold our next fair. Our goal is to never have this happen to our community again; we were planning to go forward with the fair and were stunned when we were informed we couldn’t use the high school. We did our best to inform the volunteers, but had no way to inform the participants, and we all feel devastated.

For those wanting to find another fair in our area, please go to the website: to help find another location that is still having a fair.

Sue Wratten, RN
Medical Director
Lyons 9Health Fair

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