Going for Green in Lyons

By Kathleen Thurmes
If you live in Lyons, you know about bears. Often in late summer, bears venture close to town in search of high-calorie food. A few years ago, local food shortages drove bears to go searching for food in new and unusual places in town -- putting humans and bears at risk of violent confrontations, something we all want to avoid.



The Rabbit Mountain Fire on February 20 marked an early start to the 2017 fire season. Four buildings and one hundred fifty-one acres were burned northeast of Lyons prompting the evacuation of seventy-five homes. The Cold Springs fire near Nederland burned over five hundred acres in July of 2016.

In this case, suppression efforts in concert with wildfire mitigation implemented by homeowners participating in the Boulder County Wildfire Partners



Tiny Homes on Wheels has rapidly become an attractive, sustainable and affordable housing alternative across  the country for the past three to four years. Colorado has become the epicenter of the Tiny House movement. Lyons has the distinction of having the most Tiny Homes in the USA per capita. Just Wee Casa Hotel and SimBLISSity together have over twenty-five Tinys in the Lyons

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