Going for Green in Lyons

By Kathleen Thurmes and Dan Matsch

Composting is a living process where microorganisms eat decaying matter (and each other). It can also involve macro-organisms like compost worms. Not being mammals, both kinds of critters move (and eat) progressively slower as their surroundings get colder. So composting inevitably slows down in backyard bins in the winter, but with a few simple practices, you can continue to put your food scraps in your bin right through the cold weather and have a jump on great soil for next spring.

Keep it moist: Freezing and thawing dries out the top several inches of your pile. Before you empty your kitchen food scrap bin, run an inch or so of water into it,



By Ken Singer
Get rid of that Roundup (glyphosate) and other chemical weedkillers, said Mikal Brawner, a plant expert from Harlequin Gardens in Boulder, to a group of eight Lyons residents. The group, members of the Lyons Weed Posse, Sustainable Futures Commission, and individuals concerned with finding better ways to eradicate weeds, met at Harlequin recently.

After soil in our town parks tested positive for glyphosate (including the popular zip line area in LaVern Johnson Park)- a weedkiller banned by many countries

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