By Ken “Weed Boy” Singer
It has been said that, “A weed is just a flower that is in the wrong spot.” However, the Colorado Weed Management Association has determined that if your pet flower is non-native and/or threatening to human or animal health, or needs to be eradicated for one reason or another, it should be eliminated.

The Lyons Recorder will be doing a Spring to Fall series of articles to help you, the homeowner or renter, identify the weeds around your home that should be removed by mechanical, preventive, cultural, biological, and in some cases, chemical means. In cooperation with the Lyons Volunteers’ Weed Posse, we will be offering information on how to safely eliminate these noxious weeds without relying on the chemicals that Dow, Monsanto, Scotts, and other agri-business giants want us to put on our lawns, driveways and open spaces.

Since the Ecology Board, concerned parents, and many other folks concerned about their health and our environment want to keep chemicals out of


Purge the Spurge

Myrtle spurge, an escaped ornamental, has become a plague along the Front Range, including many areas of Lyons. Pretty to look at, this perennial not only crowds out native vegetation, but it also has a sap that is very irritating to skin and is toxic if ingested. If it gets into your eyes, you best head to the nearest hospital, according to Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV) coordinator, Morgan Crowley.

The WRV held a myrtle spurge removal workday in the open space at the east end of Stickney Avenue here in Lyons. About forty volunteers from many parts of the state worked all day on Saturday, March 23, and filled more than sixty giant trash bags with spurge in addition to a huge mass that was

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