By Linda Pecone
I write so many articles on health and wellness I decided this week to remind us about how important intuition is in our health. We have begun to lose our ability to use it and to trust it. Science tells us that only twenty percent of the brain’s gray matter is used for conscious thoughts, while eighty percent is dedicated to non-conscious thoughts. Albert Einstein once said that it is our

most valuable asset, and one of our most unused senses. He described it as “a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance of something.” Sometimes it is referred to as gut feeling, sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, instinct, inner voice, or spiritual guide. It can be either a moment where you instinctively know if something IS right; or isn’t right. So why aren’t we listening to our inner guide?

As a postpartum doula I work with so many new mamas who come home from the hospital with their new baby and are stressed out by all of the “expert advice” they’ve been given by doctors and nurses, and baby experts about how to feed and care for their child. They’ve read books about how to do everything right, yet when they come home they are overwhelmed and bombarded by too much information. The voice of intuition has been silenced and they no longer trust themselves to be good mothers. This is a confusing time we live in with all of our internet access. “Google it” has become our favorite advice to give.

It may surprise you to know that intuition is extremely important to your health. When you go to a doctor, too many doctors will not mention intuition, often they do not validate your intuitive thoughts or insights. By doing this, they are leaving out an important component in your health care. When patients lose their ability to trust their inner knowing they lose their ability to choose for themselves. When a patient trusts their gut feelings they are more likely to achieve their health goals and help to define and refine their treatment. When patients become active, educated and passionate participants in their own healing, they become inspired to take care of their own needs in more creative ways, and awaken the natural healing potential that lies within all of us.

In order to make our best decisions, we need a balance of intuition. This balance bridges the gap between instinct and reasoning. We need to trust our “hunches.”  We don’t have to reject scientific logic in order to benefit from instinct either. Our instincts and hunches are tools which balance us and our decisions. We become active participants in what happens to us. By seeking this balance we will bring all of the resources of our brain into action. We become what we are meant to be. We do what we are meant to do.

Here are a couple of tips for working on developing your intuition from Susan King and Intuitive Counselor:

  • Sit and quietly focus on your breathing for five to fifteen minutes daily. Listen to your inner self at this time. Try not to be anxious about what may or may not happen in your day.
  • Walk through your day; don't run. Get a little notebook, a tiny thing that fits in your pocket. When you have a feeling about something, write it down. That way, when your feeling later turns out to have been correct, you can go back and see that your instincts were working. And that builds your confidence.

Linda Pecone, along with her husband, is a long time resident of Lyons Colorado. She is a certified herbalist, has a degree in nutrition, and is a postpartum and infant night doula. She has been making and selling her elderberry products in Lyons for several years. She is also the owner of The Little Yellow House on Second Avenue.

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