By Dr. Sara Hart, ND, MSOM, CO registered Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist
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Preventing cancer is a top health concern for everyone today. Only 5-10% of cancer patients today have any genetic predisposition (inherited risk from their family members) for developing cancer. For the remaining population, we have to



By Kate Kerr, LEAF Volunteer

Ten years ago, the Lyons Community Food Pantry began providing food to local residents in need. It started out small, with a few families getting boxes of non-perishable food. It has grown in scope and number every year since.

Currently, each Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 to 5 p.m., nutritious food is made available to over eighty area households. Foods usually available each week include rice, pasta,



By Dr. Sara Hart, ND, MSOM, CO registered Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Acupuncturist

The old phrase, “you’ve got to nip it in the bud,” is so true when it comes to addressing acute cold and flu symptoms. In exploring what works when it comes to immune stimulation and fighting seasonal illness, I look to traditions around the world that have been keeping people healthy for generations.

Contrast hydrotherapy – common to Finnish culture, Japanese, and native American tradition, the alternating hot and cold water stimulation to the body does wonders to boost the



By Dr. Sara Hart, ND, MSOM, CO Registered Naturopathic Doctor & Licensed Acupuncturist
With the circulating viruses this time of year, the snot, sniffles, fever and chills are everywhere! The physical stress of the temperature changes, time indoors, more sugars and less exercise all contribute to the increasing colds and flus this time of year.

While it is incredibly annoying to have a cold, for many people it provides an opportunity for the body to restore. Extra sleep, days off, increased elimination can all provide the

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