Small Town Stew

To make a small town stew,
You need a cauldron just the right size;
    The whole town nestles there
    Between walls of red rock
    With high mountain views
    And two rivers running through it.

Line the cauldron with greenery,
    Include a dash of rabbit brush and some prickly pear.
    Trees and grass and wildlife and quietness,
    Suitable for a relaxed conversation.    
Now let the two rivers flow freely,
    Meeting at the confluence,
    Enough for 2000 inhabitants.
    For generous portions, there should be enough.
A good broth must come from good strong bones,
    So fill the cauldron full.
    LES and BOT and LCF and SFC
    LHS and CFS, Redstone Review.
    Re-Runs, Recorder, Western Star,
    Steamboat Mountain, Rabbit Mountain,
    A giant banjo.
    Walt Self Center, Clean-up Day,
    Little White Church and Oscar Blues,
    Lyons Depot, Old Stone Church,
    Black Bear Hole and Barking Dog,
    Spirit Hound and Sandstone Park
    Good Old Days, Rocky Grass,
    Redstone Museum, Stonebridge Farm,
    Picture Rock, Mayama, tiny homes, dogs,
    Just one mountain lion,
    Just one bear,
    A few golf carts and four red lights.
Let it simmer plenty long,
You want the broth to be good and strong.

Now add the vegetables in abundance with abandon:
    The vegetarians and the festivarians
    The Lions, the Leos, the kids,
    Some McCain, some McCann, some McConnell,
    Randy and Georgi,
    Mark and Pam,
    Jani and Zeke,
    Mindy and Sam,
    Barney, Juli, Wendy, Leslie, Cheri, Sally, Betsy, and Beth,
    Emily and Maridy,
    Dennis and Dan and Jim,
    Lora, Tanya, Mintze, Coco,
    Monique, LaVern, Baiba and Ken,
    Garima, Victoria, Jocelyn and Kate,
    Meckle, Vasquez, Lekarczyk and Jones.
They’re all good, so toss them all in.
A handful of grit, too, if it’s too thin.

Some’s good today; some’s better tomorrow.
That’s how you make it,
Small town stew.

By Kitty Keim

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