By Bonnie Auslander
The poetry teacher was coaxing about twenty children of all ages and their parents gathered at Lyons Town Hall on Saturday, January 6, for the Lyons Arts & Humanities Commission's (LAHC) seasonal art show. She was looking for descriptions of a snowy day.

“Imagine it’s just snowed really heavily,” she said. “What do you see when you wake up and look out the window? Like. . . any animals?” “I see a dog peeing! It turns the snow yellow!” was one response.

After the poetry writing and craft making, the talented band Dreaming Rivers performed for the very first time to an enthusiastic crowd. Its members, all nine-year-olds, are Aesop Pelta-Tiller, Leo LeGault and Ezra Moore,

In the evening, poets over the age of twenty-five took the stage to read their works open-mic style.

The event, along with a winter-themed art show by artists of all ages and stages (now up in Town Hall through April 6), was sponsored by the Lyons Arts & Humanities Commission.

The LAHC’s next event will be a spring show on Saturday April 7 with a focus on comedy shticks. Stand-up comics (closeted or out), joke-tellers, and all-around funny folk are all invited to perform or read.
Visual artists are also invited to display their work (with a spring theme). Drop your work off on Friday, April 5, from 4 to 7 p.m. Bring placards or simple signs that include artist’s name, title, medium, size, price (or marked NFS - not for sale), and contact information.

LAHC would like to thank the volunteers who help during this event, especially Jasmine Marcum,  and Milo and Nina Auslander-Padgham.

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