In the final stretch is the planning for what will come to be known as, heARTS of LYONS - "an outdoor arts collection - all over town." Now that the dust has settled from most flood recovery efforts and recent eastern corridor construction, the number of sculptures placed on the streets of Lyons is about to double and a regional Call to Artists for an official submission of outdoor art is soon to launch. Through the generosity of The Lyons Community Foundation, selected sculptors will be paid

half of a stipend when their art is placed in town in April and May, the other payment made at the conclusion of a 2-year contractual commitment. Maps will be created to describe and locate all pieces, as well as other interesting arts points of interest in Lyons. Informative placards will be made and placed near each item to encourage tourists and locals alike to move and explore independently all over town. Collectively this art can be considered to be a parade that escorts travelers up and down the Rocky Mountain corridor and also welcomes residents home.

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