Weekly Lunch Program For Lyons Seniors

By Kathleen Spring
After several months of planning, hot delicious lunches are finally returning to the Lyons senior center beginning Wednesday, April 12. Lyons area seniors and interested parties are invited to attend the Grand Opening of the lunch program, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., lunch

served at 11:30 a.m. There will be live entertainment and brief speeches, and a catered lunch of sweet and sour meatballs over noodles, spinach soufflé, whole wheat rolls and a side dish of fruit.

In partnership, Boulder County Area Agency on Aging, Housing and Human Services and Loving Lyons Senior Group, a senior lunch program will take place at the Walt Self Housing Community Room (Senior Center) on Wednesdays (except the first Wednesday) and Fridays at 11:30 a.m. Teresa DeAnni, Healthy Aging Programs Manager, Boulder County Aging Services, has generously arranged to provide freshly catered meals to be brought to the senior center, with the assistance of a federal grant. She will be delivering the meals prepared by Word of Mouth Catering.

Kathleen Spring, Loving Lyons Senior Group, has been pushing for the return of not only a more appealing lunch program, but also the revitalization of the Walt Self Senior Center. Locals fought for years to have a senior center built in Lyons, only to see its use and membership fade away in the last couple of years. Both Teresa and Kathleen's goal is for seniors to have a home base, where they know they can come and meet old and new friends, socialize, have a hot meal, attend programs, and perhaps eventually form an official senior organization.

Lyons Longevity (LL) members Annie Mannering and Ken Singer are aiming to give senior programs a fresh face, emphasizing that today's seniors are active and not the frail image often portrayed. Mannering and Cathy Rivers, color consultant and decorator, are working with the Town and County to create an inviting sitting area, with a couch and TV, for seniors to gather together in the near future. LL is not part of any Lyons senior meals program.

Lori LeGault is the Town of Lyons Senior Activities coordinator. She organizes weekly exercises on Wednesdays, a book club on the third Thursday, occasional craft programs, sewing basics, and computer help. There are two bus trips planned for May, and a Rockies game in July.

More Boulder County self-care wellness classes will be coming to the Senior Center. Speakers will be part of the after-lunch programs, and workshops will be added when enough membership is established. Lyons area Boulder County Aging consultant Colleen Sinclair and Kathleen Spring are coordinating the calendar.

Teresa suggested that the Lyons lunch planning committee take a taste-testing trip to Louisville Senior Center in February. It proved to the delegation that Word of Mouth Catering does a great job of preparing a plentiful, attractive and tasty meal. Kathleen picked the day a Chinese New Year meal would be served, to test the cook's creativity beyond the normal baked piece of pork. The chicken was tender and tasty and egg rolls were authentic.

The VIA bus driver, who took the seniors on a trip to Denver, said that he delivers Louisville seniors to the lunch site, and he hears nothing but good things about the food.

The Lyons Longevity volunteers observed how Louisville handled its game room, library, and lounge in order to bring back good ideas to spruce up the Lyons senior center lounge area. The Lyons Senior Center dining hall is getting a fresh make over. Annie was the force who introduced the new red and white checkered pattern theme throughout the Senior Center.

A sign announcing Lyons Bistro will hang on the doors, and in the window facing the street. The attractive logo is a combination of artist Ruth Wilson's color painting of Steamboat Mountain, and graphic artist Lora Gilson lettering. Expenses are graciously paid for by Boulder County. Lora volunteered her skills to make the checker bordered signs and cafe curtain that will hang over the half-size bi-fold doors between the kitchen and the dining room

Volunteers Annie Mannering, Linda Pecone, Cathy Rivers, and Kathleen Spring came up with the splashy Grand Opening decor, including balloons and streamers. Jeralyn Berner, Living Arts Floral Designs, is supplying fresh flowers to make the room pop for the celebration. Lyons souvenir decals will also be distributed.

People and groups involved in senior rights, concerns, health and more have been invited to attend and say a few words at the Grand Opening. This includes Lyons mayor and Town Board, Lyons Senior Activities director, members of Human Services Commission, and Meals on Wheels/LEAF manager. The final list has not been confirmed

Big-hearted kitchen volunteer assistants to Teresa are: Kelly Erin Dinneen, Lora Gilson, Linda Harkness, Linda Pecone, and Helen Vanderwerken.

Music will ring out in the hall, and bring more cheer to the occasion. Marilyn Penn, who used to direct the Quarry Gals, will be attending with two other ladies who do a variety of really fun songs. The delightful voices will be accompanied by electric keyboard, and probably ukulele. 

The day will end with a decorated cake, donated by St. Vrain Market & Bakery. Plus, some non-alcoholic bubbly! Future lunches will be followed by speakers, games, and special seasonal events. Being lined up are: card games, tall-tale day, health speakers, musicians, Easter Bonnet Day (April 14), artist show-and-tell, travel talks, crafts, and more. Stop by the center or get on the email list by writing Kathleen Spring at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be coordinating the event and subsequent entertainment.

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