Just in time for Halloween, Day of the Dead, and All Saints Day, Lyons resident Junior Burke will read excerpts and sign copies of his new book “A Thousand Eyes.” A book that could be considered in horror genre, “A Thousand Eyes” tells the story of Lynton, a small Colorado town of 2000 people nestled at the confluence of


By LaVern Johnson
Several people attended the Flood Commemoration event at the Lyons Redstone Museum on Wednesday evening, September 12, in memory of the fifth anniversary of the 2013 flood. They viewed the updated Flood of 2013, Disaster to Recovery display, listened to attendees' flood stories, and watched the video Understanding the Fundamentals Colorado’s Epic Flood of 2013, which focused on Lyons. It was hard listening to the trauma that each one went through starting on September 11, 2013 five years ago.

Others in attendance at the museum, but who did not live here during the flood and moved here afterwards and were interested in knowing about the flood and what it had taken for the town to recover. They all wished those flooded could come back; maybe there is hope.

JERRY JOHNSON - Coming home from working at Bull Durham Casino in Black Hawk, he got to the Airport Road traffic light on Highway 93, and could go no further, but no one knew why. They waited several hours; finally, a patrolman came and told them the trouble, “flood water.” He had to drive to Interstate 25, and across Highway 66,

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