A-h-h, Daylight Savings Time. I like it, but it's hard to get used to. They may vote to keep it on all year.  I like the long evenings.
Spring has sprung; now the daffodils, crocus and the rest of the spring flowers are blooming and the leaves are coming out. Welcome spring. Thanks to my pal Geneva Thomas, who sends us her annual note which says, “Spring is coming. Get ready to take the kids to the



Another week gone by. It seems to me to be staying extra cold during the day. However, it will soon be spring. In the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Rooster. A bird who is cocky, crows a lot, wakes people up, is master of his



Another windy week; they say gusts from 70 to 100 mph! A tree toppled at 4th and Park and another fell onto Don Mercer’s house, doing quite a bit of damage. Fierce! We were lucky not to have any fires with that wind like southeast of here. This has been a wild winter.



Wednesday is Valentine’s Day! You still have time to buy that Valentine, take your girl out to eat, or to a show, etc. Don’t forget. Valentine’s Day is glad and sad; as you get older, you have no “sweetie.” Such is life, they say.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11 – A program about the John B. Hall property (located where the Rock n River Resort was before the flood) at 10:30 a.m., at Molly Bee's Restaurant in Estes Park (just south of the Estes Park Theater on Route 7), with Estes Park Historian John Meisner. Phone



The first week of 2017 has gone gaily by: very cold, fifteen inches of snow, and below zero temperatures. However, it has been decent the last day or two. Yes, it seems winter is really here. Keep that water dripping to prevent frozen pipes, which is certainly no fun!

The first thing this week is an update by the Town on Wednesday. People who have questions about what is being done in the flood recovery department. What the Town is waiting for? What has not as yet been done? These people with questions should come Board of



A snowy day for Martin Luther King Day, which took some shoveling, but it warmed up and was melting by the afternoon. That is the moisture we need, so we can’t complain. Just have to stay in and not fall down. We have two or three months yet to have snow, but spring will soon be here.   

The holidays are over and now it is back to work and school until Spring Vacation in March.


Here we are another week, and another Year- 2017. Bring it on.  We hope 2017 will bring us health and happiness, houses for our flooded, jobs, continued good schools,  the new rooms for students at the Lyons Elementary and an auditorium for the Middle Senior School from the recent Bond Issue, camaraderie, fun and fellowship, etc. This is the “Year of Kindness.” We must remember that!  

Happy New Year to All!

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