Here it is, the last few days of April. The trees and flowers are blooming. We have had two good rains, and things are starting to green up. Now it's time to get ready for May Day, where folks used to take a May basket to a friend, knock on the door and run, if caught they got a kiss (those were in the olden days). Life goes on!

THE LYONS HIGH JUNIOR/SENIOR PROM was held last Saturday, at the Lionscrest Manor (thanks to Bob and Leona Forsberg for providing this beautiful facility each year) with dancing, games, and the crowning of Queen CeAnn Udovich, and King Aaron Vasquez. The court was Amanda Romero, Taylor Christiansen, Maddie McGuire, April Valdez, Bridger Keane, and Kyle Frohline.  An


Another week gone by, and it's back to school and work after spring vacation. Many folks traveled out of town. Betsy Hubner and her granddaughter went to Paris. How wonderful. What a nice grandma!

Easter is this Sunday; it's a time of spring, the trees are filled with blossoms. It's a time for rebirth, and a time to renew our faith. We had some much-needed moisture to help with the fire danger, and we are steadily recovering from the 2013 flood. Yes, it is a time to say our thanks for all our blessings. Praise the Lord!



Spring is here, the trees and flowers are blooming and we had some rain; with more  rain and/or snow to come. But not too much rain, please! This week is Spring Break for all the schools and people are traveling near and far. Stay safe!

Gremlins changed my news last week, from Dave Orback to Dave Arabic. Sorry! (Editors note: It wasn’t gremlins, nor was it your fault. It was “auto



Another week gone by. One of sadness, as we note that Janet (Brackett) Orbach passed away Saturday morning of brain cancer, which was discovered in January. The daughter of Fran and Bill Brackett, Janet was a member of the Lyons High School class of 1967. She was married to Dave Arabic for forty-nine years; mother to daughter Heather (husband  Matt and two children) and brother Jack. Plus many relatives of the



Another week gone by. It seems to me to be staying extra cold during the day. However, it will soon be spring. In the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of the Rooster. A bird who is cocky, crows a lot, wakes people up, is master of his



A-h-h, Daylight Savings Time. I like it, but it's hard to get used to. They may vote to keep it on all year.  I like the long evenings.
Spring has sprung; now the daffodils, crocus and the rest of the spring flowers are blooming and the leaves are coming out. Welcome spring. Thanks to my pal Geneva Thomas, who sends us her annual note which says, “Spring is coming. Get ready to take the kids to the



Another windy week; they say gusts from 70 to 100 mph! A tree toppled at 4th and Park and another fell onto Don Mercer’s house, doing quite a bit of damage. Fierce! We were lucky not to have any fires with that wind like southeast of here. This has been a wild winter.

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