Another week gone by, and it’s been hot and busy. The hot summer days have arrived; Ninety degrees and more! 

I guess due to my old age, I am getting a lot of honors, and they are nice while I am “alive and kicking” Over two hundred folks attended the Boulder Chamber of Commerce “Women Who Light Up the Community” celebration last Wednesday. Six ladies from across the community were

Another week gone by and spring is definitely here. The trees are beautiful in white and red blossoms, the tulips, hyacinth, violets, and jonquils planted by the Garden Club are making Lyons beautiful. They say “April showers (snows) bring May flowers.” Enjoy.

We wish Lia a happy thirteenth birthday. She turned thirteen Wednesday, April 27.  Lia is such a great helper during the summer History Camp at the museum. We appreciate such wiliness to step up when needed.


By LaVern Johnson

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions are hers and do not necessarily represent those of the entire Board of Trustees.

It is finally getting a little warmer with the ice melting some. That was truly a cold spell;  although it is supposed to snow again!

We attended the Parent Engagement Network (PEN) meeting at Monarch High School last Thursday evening, which has a large group of kids using marijuana in school.

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