By Kathleen Spring
Another hot week in Lyons, with one good rainfall from a monsoon upslope. Boulder broke a record temperature last Wednesday, reaching one hundred degrees. The Times Call weather article used a photo of kids jumping into the old swimming hole in LaVern M. Johnson Park! People were out in droves enjoying the rapids in Black Bear Hole, splashing around in the old swimming hole, and tubing on the St. Vrain River. The LaVern Johnson Park is closed from July 23 to 31 to local traffic due to parking/camping being used by Planet Bluegrass’s RockyGrass Festival campers. Residents can show their ID and walk in to use the park’s day facilities.

This is LaVern Johnson’s birthday week, and I, Kathleen Spring, am taking over her column to give her time to celebrate, and recover! She had a couple of well-attended celebrations over the weekend, including a Roast Saturday night. (see details of the birthday party and her message in a separate article)

Another hot spot in town was Sandstone Park with the weekly Thursday concert. Last week the crowd enjoyed the strumming and twang of Masontown. They especially enjoyed the group’s new charming version of “Oh, Susanna.”

This week, July 27, Bonnie & Her Clydes will play. Lyons folks have enjoyed this award-winning group’s “Rocky Mountain Country Soul.” This includes playing the mandolin by Bonnie Simms, whose husband and father are both professional musicians. Only three shows left this season. Come on out and bring a chair or blanket and enjoy the cool evening and hot music.

Many people have been asking around about the new parking fees at LaVern Johnson Park. The town announced this past week that beginning August 1, paid parking will begin daily. Previously paid parking was only required on the weekends, which had caused the confusion. Lyons residents need to sign up for their pass at town hall. Only one free pass per residence (per car). Residents can pay for additional parking passes. Display them at all times when utilizing the parking area.

Mark your calendars for the special municipal mail-in ballot election coming up Tuesday,  August 8. Residents will be voting on this important Planet Bluegrass Farm Annexation Election. Ballots have been mailed to all active registered electors. Call Town Hall if you did not receive one. You can also check to make sure you are a registered voter by going to You can view the document you will be voting on, either online or at town hall. Both town newspapers have had detailed articles about the pros and cons of annexing this property to the town, which will enable the owners to give more events, and sell more camping, and for longer periods than Boulder County would allow. There are also discussions going on at Lyons Discussion pages on Facebook.

Thanks to Ken Cinnamon who has been sharing some of his collectible antique post cards on Facebook. Recent ones included the old motels in town, and general store in Noland (a quarry town just outside of Lyons that no longer exists). People interested in learning the history of this once booming quarry town can pick up two fliers in the Redstone Museum lobby. When the quarry business temporarily died, so did the town, and most of the building stones were removed and reused, with only a few foundations still existing. The one remaining remnant of a building is a boarding house, which once had fifty men living there.

Jennifer Quinn gave details on her new store SNACK Soda Fountain. She has bought the store that holds the original Lyons drug store soda fountain, wooden bar and swivel chairs. People who come in are constantly saying how surprised they are at how she both saved the antiques and “completely changed the place.” She is offering healthy versions of snack foods. They currently serve specialty grill cheese sandwiches and Panini, and healthy ice cream.
Sandra Henderson, manager of Lyons Quilting, is putting on a quilt show August 12. She went to the small town of Sisters, Oregon, which is recognized as having the largest quilt show in the world. More than a thousand quilts are hung throughout the town for just one day. It generates twenty-six jobs and many tax dollars, and she hopes it will do the same for Lyons. This year is an experimental year, with quilts to be hung in her shop on August 12 only. There will be seventy-five local area quilts on display that can act as blankets on a person’s bed, rather than great works of art. More info to come. Quilting Hands was the previous and very successful quilt store in Lyons, located on Third, which closed its business. The new very popular store is in the large building that the Black Bear restaurant used to be in.

This weekend is the annual RockyGrass Festival that turns our little town into the center of the bluegrass universe, with many legends and future-legends performing. Watch for heavy traffic, distracted tourists, and increased foot traffic. This event is a boost to our economy, and reputation, and is a sold out event.

The Red Rock Ramblers will feature Lynn Stroebel from Arlie, Montana, calling, and Arlin Sample, of Greeley cueing this Saturday, July 29. Rounds start at 7:30 p.m., with squares from 8 to 10:15 p.m. The Greeley Merry Mixers are the hosts. Last week, July 22, a good crowd enjoyed dancing to Dave Smith and Dan Nordbye of Mesa, Arizona. Dancers came from Bend, OR, Chesapeake and Bristol, VA, and from eighteen different clubs. The Rocky Mountain Squares Club of Lakewood were the hosts, and brought a birthday cake for Mrs. LaVern.

The Redstone Museum had its first Tuesday Talk this week. It covered the family of Sherman Bohn who was mayor, and ran the Town’s electric plant, and his family also lived in that building which today is our Town Hall today. The talk took place at Town Hall. His daughter Julie (Bohn) Wechsler was the key speaker, and included several old time photographs. The next talk will be Tuesday, August 15 at 5:30 p.m., at the museum about the fight to stop Coffintop Dam.

Museum visitors were: the Phibbs family, relatives to Ruby Davis; Janet, Christopher and Bonnie Ellis, grandchildren of Bill and Thelma Friend from Brigham and Elwood, Utah with sister Sharon Hayes living in Longmont; Rick and

Lynnette McMillen, relatives of the George McMillan family; as well as folks from: New York City, NY; Mason City, IA; Tucson, AZ; Thedford, NE; Talent, OR; Concord, Canen, TX; Nashville, TN; Ely, IA; Atlanta, GA; Ruckersville, VA; Iowa City, IA; Arkansas City, KS; Seattle, WA; Sammamish, WA; Kamiah, ID; and Dallas, TX.  The museum is open daily through Sunday, October 1.  Stop by.

The monthly Lyons area senior birthday party is Friday, July 28, at the Walt Self Senior Center. Don’t sit at home; come on down and join others in a party-mood and have some fun. The Town provides a yummy cake right after lunch at 12:30 p.m., and everybody sings.

This month we are celebrating birthdays of seniors Don Colard (100), LaVern Johnson (90), Vance French, and Jani Little. (Note, while some of these people may not be able to attend due to other plans, the party will go on!) See separate articles about Colard and Johnson birthdays.

Reserve an 11:30 a.m., lunch that day, at a suggested donation of $3 (all under 60 years of age pay $7.50). Delicious citrus fish, rice pilaf, buttered carrots, apple, and whole wheat roll. Call (303) 441-1415 no later than Thursday at 11 a.m.

Thanks to the Church of the Latter Day Saints for the great supper served Tuesday night for Lyons seniors. They do this quarterly, and always bring a big group of their kids with them to serve the homemade food at the table, for each person. Seniors are hoping they will do it more often, now that the attendance is up again.

Next Wednesday is the monthly “senior style” lunch at Oskar Blues at 11:30 a.m. Many thanks to them for doing this for many years!

Cheri Hoffer is taking a trip to do the Pilgrimage Trail in Spain this summer. Diane Dandeneau is traveling to Italy. Monique and Steve Lang went to Gunnison to celebrate their son’s wedding. Betsy Huber and Chrystal DeCoster went to Cheyenne Days, and say thanks to “Bank of the West’s for their gracious hospitality.” Local musician Emilyn Inglis sent a photo of herself and friends in famous spiritual community of Findhorn, Scotland. We missed one July birthday last week. Birthday wishes go out to two-year old Riley, who is the daughter of Marissa Davis, Lyons Parks Assistant. Happy Anniversary to Pat and Steven Bates. Our sympathy goes out Gwynn Owens at the death of her mother this past week.

It was half a retirement party for Linda Backup and half a summer fest at Larry Quinn’s house along Old South St. Vrain this weekend. Friends and relatives from near and far stopped by, including the renewal of some friendships that were from twenty years ago.

Linda and Larry have lived in the same house for thirty-six years, got married there, as well as survived the 2013 flood that destroyed much of it. They will be going on a trip to Africa this summer. For many years, their neighbors were Clair and Mary Colard, a Lyons pioneer family (now deceased).

Correction from last week’s newspaper. Local Sterling Bowlick (not Forrest) married Abi Evans on July 19 at Lionscrest Manor.His aunt Kathy Burks and grandmother Agnes Peoples came for the ceremony from Bellingham, Washington. His mother Sandy is deceased. His great-grandmother was Marguerite Peoples, who owned the Lyons Cafe for forty-eight years. Kathy will be staying in town for a few months, at her son Dylan’s house. Many stopped by Charlie and June Stacy’s Lyons house to say “Hi” to old friends.

Everyone’s talking about the total solar eclipse in August! The Lyons Regional Library will be doing something for the public. More news coming.
Farewell Dr. Matthew Brett. On his last day in Lyons, Friday, July 21, a dozen well-wishers stopped by to give him and his staff a friendly send off. LaVern Johnson organized the event and brought a colorful cake. She says, “Our thanks to Dr. Brett. We can make appointments to continue to go to Dr. Brett at (303) 697-2583. Connie, the Mayor, told me that discussions are continuing about some health care clinic here in Lyons, so we are hoping.” Dr. Brett will be working Tuesdays through Fridays beginning August 15, at the Salud Family Health Centers at 220 East Rogers Road, in Longmont. This is east of downtown Longmont where Third Avenue turns into Highway 119, near the old sugar factory. His staff, Beth Evans and Terri Riveria, have jobs at other clinics in Longmont.

Laura Levy, Lyons area realtor, was interviewed by Inman News, a national real estate industry media service last week. According to Laura, they thought her recent “listing videos” were very original. People can see an aerial view of Lyons on either her Facebook page or Lyons Happenings.

Cheryl Dudley announced that she is now a Norex consultant. Many locals were glad to hear they could now get advice from a local person. Kaija Wilson Youngner pointed out that the body cloths could take off make up without any facial wash. And on the other hand, David Wilson says he uses the gentle cloth to clean his Harley’s custom paint job!
Wee Casa was in the news again! See USA Today, July 21. It includes a nice write up of Lyons too. It states, “(it is) a cluster of twenty-two tiny homes for rent (starting at $159 a night). Some are sleek and European, others are more whimsical....where you can try before you buy.”

The owners of the former Ax & Oar restaurant have finished renovating it and have placed it up for rent. Check with your local realtor or contact the Candy family for more information. This beautiful, renovated restaurant space has a big sandstone patio.

At the Chamber meeting last week, a small crowd of fifteen people gathered at the Festivarie Inn to enjoy snacks and network with fellow members. Summer is a busy time for business owners, and many could not attend. Announcements were given by new store owner Jennifer Quinn, SNACK Soda Fountain, and Sandra Henderson, Lyons Quilting manager, on an upcoming quilt show, and by Kathleen Spring, regarding three upcoming events at the museum.

Are you computer savvy and love to promote the town of Lyons? The Chamber is looking for an administrator to work twenty hours a week, from their home, who can handle the Chamber’s e-blasts, newsletters, directory, web page, tourist calls, socials, special events, etc. Contact either Craig Ferguson, Planet Bluegrass, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Chamber is bringing back the New Residents Welcome Bags, which were successful a few years back. They want at least twenty identical items from each member to put in the “bag” by August 25. Drop them off at either Lyons Mane Hair Salon, ReRuns, or Lyons Physical Therapy. Only promotional materials are accepted, like business cards, magnets, coupons, menus etc. They will be distributed in September to people moving into Lyons in 2017. For info contact Jenna Brink at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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